Jupiter Creamery sits on over 10-acres of tropical land. Real farm. Real dairy.

We have cows. We have chickens. We have pigs.

But we’re also a nonprofit organization dedicated to holisitic and sustainable farming.




My name is Suzie and I live in Jupiter Farms, Florida with my everlastingly patient and supportive husband, Rodney. We have two children - a brutally honest six-year-old girl and a naked outdoor enthusiast four- year-old-son.

I grew up in Pennsylvania where my grandfather, John Bartram, was a long time family orchard grower. You can say that natural living is in my blood! My husband and I lived in Australia (where he grew up) before we moved to Jupiter Farms, Florida to start our farm in 2008.


When we moved to this ten-acre farm, we originally were going to use it to grow palm trees. As I wanted to produce my own food, I couldn’t find anyone with raw dairy, chicken, or pork- especially soy free and pastured. So I thought, "How hard can it be? Let me buy a cow," and that is how it started. 

We started with beef cows and a pig at first and then tried some chickens. I figured things out as I went along by doing more research, reading, talking to anyone else who has farm in South Florida or farms in general, and watching a lot of YouTube videos!

With the first cow I had, I figured I would have a calf and she would nurse the baby. I would then take the excess milk that I needed from the cow. I was quite wrong in assuming it wouldn’t be stressful or need quite a bit of maintenence.

It turns out the first calf was born with some complications and sadly died after it was born. Its mother still needed to be milked 2-3 times a day and was producing over four gallons of milk that I needed to do something with!

So, I started to give it away to friends. Then, friends told friends, and before I knew it I was selling all of the extra milk I wasn’t using (going through the correct Florida laws and applying for the proper permits, of course.) Pretty soon, there was more demand for the milk than I could give away. While still wanting to keep a small-scale farm, I made the choice to sell the beef cows and focus on dairy.  


We do have a small farm stand but I can only provide a fraction of wholesome food needed in the Jupiter area. My true mission is to help people realize they are capable of growing their own food. When you grow your own food, you know exactly how your animals were kept, raised, and fed. You have control over what you are eating.

Our goal for Jupiter Creamery now is to focus on educating through our non-profit organization called Nourishing Food for Thought, Inc. We have learned the true value of people pulling together and connecting through food. We want to help people learn about pasture raised poultry, pork, beef, and of course, dairy. 

So come out to the farm to learn and consider donating today to keep the farm running and growing.