Nourishing Food for Thought, Inc.


Nourishing Food for Thought, Inc is a non-profit organization with a main focus on educating the community about animals and how to grow their own food naturally. We provide a variety of educational opportunities including:

  • Open Farm Days - Individuals and families can come to the farm and learn about how we take care of our cows. We have milking demonstrations, as well as opportunities to brush, wash, and feed a cow. We also have pigs and chickens to see and learn about.

  • Volunteer Opportunities - People who are interested in learning about what goes into running a farm and taking care of animals can come help out on the farm. Check out and ‘like’ our Facebook Page for updates about volunteer opportunities!

  • Workshops - where people will get an in depth and hands-on experience on certain topics. How to raise chickens or a pig in your backyard. Soap, cheese, butter or ice cream making on a small-scale. Learn pasture management for beef or dairy cows, and inter-species grazing.

  • Tours - Book a private tour, see a milking demonstration, pet or feed a cow. Pet a pig and hold a chicken all while learning about the animals and farming in South Florida. We are a working farm, animals are for milk, meat or egg production. We think everyone should know where their food comes from and how it is raised. Three to six families at a time or 25 to 30 people is the recommended size. $10 a family or $3 a person is the recommended donation amount.

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