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Farm Fresh Milk

At our small farm, we pride ourselves on knowing each cow personally and providing a friendly environment where they are interacted with and milked daily.

We practice mob grazing and strictly avoid using grain, even during milking. Our commitment to natural methods ensures the highest quality milk for your enjoyment.

We believe in transparency, which is why we offer tours and volunteer opportunities. Our farm is open to the public, allowing you to see firsthand how we care for our cows and produce top-notch dairy products.

Meet Our Cows

Get ready to meet the beloved members of my herd. Each cow has a unique personality and story to share, and I'm excited to introduce them to you. Take a moment to browse through our pictures, and get to know the beautiful animals that make my farm so special.

  • Raised on a grain-free diet of grass, hay & homegrown coconut

  • Treated occasionally with Timothy & Alfalfa hay cubes

  • Milked daily in Jupiter, ensuring freshness

  • Bottled in glass jars for superior quality

  • Chilled immediately for extended shelf life

    • (up to 3 weeks in the coldest fridge section)

  • Excess milk transformed into cream or butter to minimize waste

Farm-Fresh Dairy Pricing

  • Milk: $10 per quart or $20 for a half gallon.

    • Jar Return Credit: Receive $2 or $5 off your next purchase each time you return the jar and lid.

  • Cream: $10 for a half pint.

    • Jar Return Credit: Get a $2 credit for returning the jar.

  • Butter: $15 for 6oz of raw cultured butter.

Availability varies weekly; first come, first serve basis.

Benefits of Raw Milk

Raw milk offers a range of benefits that many enthusiasts appreciate. Firstly, it retains its natural enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that may be lost during pasteurization. This can enhance the nutritional value of the milk, providing a richer source of nutrients like vitamin B12, calcium, and beneficial bacteria.


Some people also find that raw milk is easier to digest, thanks to the presence of enzymes that aid in digestion. Additionally, proponents of raw milk argue that its natural state preserves the unique flavors and qualities of the milk, offering a taste experience that is distinct and enjoyable.

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